How to Access Deep Web from Phone

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During discussions with some acquaintances, he heard about it from the deep web, the part of the Internet that is not visible during “normal” browser navigation. As this speech has bothered him a lot, he immediately opened Google and discovered information on how to access deep web from phone, happening right here on my website.

If things are like this, know that you are at the right place at the right time! In the course of this guide, in fact, I will explain how to use the deep web from your phone using some of the completely legal applications available in the Android and iOS stores.

access deep web from phone

Access Deep Web From Phone

Information about the Dark Web and Deep Web

However, I consider it necessary to inform you of one basic aspect of the matter: on the deep web and, in particular, on the Dark Web, it is possible to find suspicious or / or morally incorrect legal content or “business”. Therefore, when browsing, I advise you to avoid visiting sites, portals or platforms other than for legal purposes. Personally, I will not be responsible for the wrong usage that I can make from the tools I am going to tell you.

Before we get to the heart of this guide and explain, in concrete terms, how to use the deep web from your phone, I want to provide you with a complete description of this “hidden” part of the network and give you some resources Should be informed about what you have.

To begin with, the deep web represents part of the Internet not indexed by search engines: this means, in practice, that it is not possible to reach those sites via search on Google, Bing or other similar engines. Which are related to the deep web, as these portals are not detected by them or added to the database.

For example, custom pages accessed by entering a username and password within a portal (e.g, your personal email account, your Facebook page, the administration area of ​​my website) are related to Deep Web, etc., as well All web pages that are not detected by the tracker (i.e, scanning system) search engines are excluded from scans, by the choice of the web administrator.

Therefore, you do not need a tool other than a normal browser to visit the site that relates to the deep web. However, you must have the correct address of your page of interest or your login credentials to see confidential content.

What things are available in the Dark Web

Instead, a separate discourse should be made of the Dark Web: it is, by definition, the “dark” part of the Internet. It is sensitive, fragile or questionable legal resources are available.

If it is true that it is possible to avoid censorship imposed by some states through the Dark Web. And, therefore, be able to carry out altruistic / information activities in complete anonymity. It is true that the network limits legitimacy in this area of ​​things Such as sale of false documents, illegal substances, digital identity etc.

Contrary to what happens with the Deep Web, it is not possible to access the Dark Web using the most commonly used tools. But, to take a look at what’s inside, anonymity systems. It is necessary to trust. Like Tor.

How to Access into the Dark and the Deep Web

This system (which means onion router) I’ve talked to you about many times in the past. It has a network to hide your IP address and your identity, which is between multiple computers used for that purpose. “Bounces” the connection to the world: Deep / Dark Web sites are ending in the series. For example, they can only be seen through the Tor network. Learn more about how to access the dark web here.

Contrary to what one might think, using Tor is very simple, even though a mobile phone: In the following sections of this tutorial, I’ll explain how to access the Deep / Dark Web with less difficulty than the application. Take advantage of a series.

Please pay full attention to the “virtual locations” you are about to visit. Try to avoid all sites dedicated to any kind of illegal activities. Let me remind you, once again, that I will not be responsible for the wrong use. That you can make the equipment that I am going to present to you.

How to Access Deep Web from Phone

Now that you have finally understood what the Deep Web and the Dark Web are. It is time to get to the heart of the matter and understand how to access it through the Red Tor. Before I begin, I would like to offer you a series of “tips” to navigate properly, but above all, safely.

Do not use Google or other known search engines (e.g. Bing ) to search. Because, you will not find content that relates to the Deep / Dark Web and runs the risk of being tracked.
Do not use functions such as JavaScript or other external plugins (for example, that are dedicated to content reproduction). Because they may put your anonymity at risk.
Avoid entering social networks, email or other portals that may take you back.
Do not install extensions, applications, or other content through a dedicated browser.
Don’t start the downloaded files before you stop browsing.
Do not use Tor to download data from peer-to-peer networks, much like BitTorrent.

By following this behavior and using a pinch of common sense, you should be able to navigate without the annoying eyes, and above all, within the Tor network.


If you want to login from Deep Web / Dark Web Android , you can take advantage of Tor Browser. The official Tor client for Android: in particular, it is the “version” of Firefox browser. It is for anonymous and safe browsing through Tor network.

So, first of all you download Tor Browser from Play Store. And when you are done, start using the icon added to your system’s home screen (or drawer).

Now touch the button Connect, to connect the browser to the Tor network and wait for the “tunnel” to be created. Once the connection initiation phase is complete, touch the button Start now. Then go to Tor network by following, continuously, five times, to access the main screen of the browser.

From now on, you can start browsing deep / dark websites that end in .onion. For example, you can once see Hidden Wiki, a collaborative site where users post links to deep websites, are broken by gender and language.

To change Tor’s identity (and thus change the outgoing IP address), call the Android notification area. Then expand “Comic” for the Tor browser. Then tap on the item, the new identity is located inside.


However, if you intend to access the Deep Web / Dark Web iPhone – you can use Onion Browser. Another navigation application dedicated to the Tor network, which works similar to the Tor browser for Android. You can download the Onion browser for free from the App Store.

Once the app installation is complete, start the app and after swiping tap the item without continuing , bypass to set a “bridge” (required only if the internet service provider you use access to the Tor network ). Then tap the button to start browsing and wait for the connection of the Tor network to be established.

When this happens, you don’t need to do anything other than navigate the “Menders” of the Deep / Dark Web. You can connect with Tor to start browsing, a kind of search engine specific for Deep Web.

If you have problems accessing the Tor network, you can try to bypass the restrictions imposed by the service provider, activating a “bridge” to connect to a server designed for this purpose.

To do this, tap the Onion Browser button (located at the top right), tap the item located in the menu that appears on the bridge configuration screen. And select the bridge you are choosing from the proposed list.

When you’re ready, touch the button and try to navigate the Onion browser again.

Note: Access to the Deep Web / Dark Web Links via the Tor network is not always fast. You may have to wait a few minutes for a single page to load; don’t worry, this is completely normal.

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