Top 10 Dark Web Link Collections

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Since dark net features a mix of numbers and letters in the links, it is hard for users to remember the URL. This article gives a collection of links, almost all of which are updated and working, for users to enjoy the services Dark Web offers.

We have already verified and tested these links as working on the tor platform.

http://onionlinksanifwu.onion/ Onion Links
http://hiddenwikig7vsuh.onion/ The Hidden Wiki
http://hiddenwikiwks5vm.onion/ Hidden Wiki Mirror
http://darkwebpugm7idof.onion/ Dark Web Pug’s Dark Web Guide
http://wikikit5zfr2c3rt.onion/ Yet Another Hidden Wiki
http://darkfaillrhatkn2.onion/ Dark Fail Darknet Markets
http://wiki5kauuihowqi5.onion/ Another Hidden Wiki
http://wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion/ WikitJerrta
http://dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion/ The OnionDir
http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/ The TorLinks

Users can access these links in Tor browsers such as Torch or DuckDuckGo.

Dark Web Links Tor Sites

Since Dark Web hosts more illegal stuff than legal content, it is advised to be careful and always maintain top anonymity while registering and surfing these dark web link collections.

As soon as you encounter an original link, it is a good option to bookmark the same to avoid fake links and redirects the next time.

OnionDir and Hidden Wiki were the most sought options for surfing the Clearnet alternative and they still are due to ease of use. Almost all the links available in these indexing pages are updated or marked as down. If there is a v3 i.e.; version 3 link, then it will be marked as such. Dark Fail is a good alternative which indexes the dark marketplaces where users can buy goods.

Dark Web associations available exclusively at

The simple and reliable layout of is one among the main attractions why users visit this site. It can be bookmarked for future use.

What exactly is a web link in the dark net?

Dark net links or dark web links in dark net are referred to as onion links which takes users to marketplaces and other forums. The top level domain ‘Onion’ is used to enter the content in Tor network.

These links can be visited from a Tor browser functioning in a Windows computer, or a Linux computer and hand held devices like Mobile phones.

The latest version of links is Version 3 or v3. It provides more security and offers seamless connectivity.

Adventure in the web world: Dark Web a small part of deep web.
It is hard to explore when exactly did dark web begin. Experts in the field commend that the facilities available in dark net has started roughly during the early 2000s.

Installation of Tor Browser

A Tor Browser is a perquisite to surfing dark net. TOR stands for The Onion Router which was a free, open source foundation for providing free internet for all.

While protecting a user’s privacy, TOR also offers enhanced reliability and simplicity. The layout of TOR matches that of Firefox, a popular browser used widely in Linux and Windows platforms.

TOR browsers work on the principle of relaying or tunneling. When clubbed with TAILS, a robust operating system, TOR provides enhanced security and browsing experience for users.

There are unfortunately many sites with bad fake links, so it is best to bookmark an original dark web link directory on your browser.

OnionDir, TorLinks and Another Hidden Wiki are most likely the oldest dark web listings, other sites like for example Onion Links and The Hidden Wiki are more recent and list more working darknet links.

Then There is Dark Fail which lists all the dark web markets which are currently available. All links are PGP verified and working at the time of writing this.

Dark web sites often go down and new sites get created, so it is best to have different hidden wiki sites and other tor link collections ready when you want to access the dark web and it’s markets.


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