What Is The Dark Web In Internet World?

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Internet has hidden about 96% of information on the web which is called Dark Web as well as Dark Net. General people use only 4 % of all the information available on the Internet. The rest percentage is considered illegal to use on the Internet. Dark Web that surrounds the internet is actually the world of dark things. We know it is frightening and you desperately want to unravel the mystery behind it. The fact is it’s more mysterious and dangerous that we can’t even imagine. The article is specially made for those who want to discover about Dark or Deep Web. Just stay with us till the end, you will have all information you need regarding Dark Web.

what is the dark web

Dark Web

Dark Web

You must have heard about the term Dark Web but do you know what it actually is? How to find dark web’s links? We are damn sure your curiosity will continue to grow once you start to learn about it. You will gain the following information by the time you reach till the end:

What is Dark Net?
Where to find the links to access Dark Web?
How to use Dark Web?
What actually happens there?
However, we will be able to lower down your curiosity level. But till now the information Internet has about Dark Net is equal to negligible.

What is Dark Web?

Firstly you need to learn about the term ‘World Wide Web’, commonly called as www. ‘World Wide Web’ is a remarkable digital library, where a lot of details are available. The information we access daily on the Internet is available on ‘World Wide Web’. This is the basic term one must learn in order to understand Dark Web. The information is available in the manner of URL’s worldwide. Even the information which you are presently reading is also available on ‘World Wide Web’.

The real fact of Dark Net
You know why Dark Web is called the ‘Black World’ of Internet? It is because of the illegal activities that are hidden and had taken shelter across the world. Surprisingly, it is available on the Internet, which is actually a dark side of the Deep Net itself. Want to know what actually is on the hidden Dark Net? Human Trafficking, pedophilia, illegal weapons, drugs, stolen goods, Credit Card information, details of Debit Card, Human Organs trafficking, Live Murder, Hacking, and Cyber Crime. It is a very dangerous and horrifying area on the Web. Well, it is even illegal to use.

Dark Web and its real fact

We know this mysterious part under the names – Dark Web, Dark Net and Black Web.

Two broadly divided parts of ‘World Wide Web’ is
Firstly, Surface Web
Secondly, Deep Web

There is actually the darkest part of Deep Web that is very much mysterious to understand. Dark Net, Black Web & Dark Web are the common terms given to these mysterious portions of the Deep Web.

What is Surface Web?

The topmost, the commonly searched surface of ‘World Wide Web’ is called as Surface Web. The percentage that Surface Web constitutes of the whole web is just 4%. Search Engines can easily search the details or information that are available on the ‘Surface Web’. Google Chrome, for example, a simple browser can help anyone to access the information available on Surface Web. Millions of Websites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even WhatsApp exists on Surface Web. To be precise, the details we get while surfing Google, everything is available in Surface Web.

What is Deep Web?

Since Surface Web constitutes only a tiny part of the information available on the whole web. 96% of all the information on the web is actually completely hidden. No Search Engines can help you to search this 96% of hidden information. Even Google Chrome can’t help you as these can’t be accessed using a simple browser. Despite that, Deep Web requires a very special configuration along with different tools to be able to use it. Apparently, only tools are insufficient to access Deep Web, a complete information about it is necessary.

Deep Web with legal activities

You know ‘Deep Web’ is actually used for many legal activities. But it does consists of ‘Password Protected Data’, Subscription-Based Data, Documents of Government, also confidential data of different Departments such as Defense & Finance. It also has Security Agencies Documents, Bank’s Financial Details, Medical Science Research Papers, Space Research Related Documents and many other important & Secret Documents. Wondering why these important data are kept in the Deep Web? The reason behind this is very unique.

The reason is that the online activities or the users’ identity can’t be traced in the Deep Web. No one knows who you are, from where you are, the websites you are using, everything about you is private. You are completely anonymous. Hence, privacy and amazing security are provided here. And that’s why agencies as well as government officials worldwide use Deep Web to keep their important document. Just so you know it’s actually legal to use Deep Web.

How to use Dark Web

Is accessing the Dark Net illegal? Most of you are thinking about this question. How people who are working in these web have access to Dark Web? How they aren’t caught yet? Well, it seems obvious that a few special arrangements are required to access the Dark Web. Things you would require are to access it are:
A connection which is secured, where your identity can be kept hidden. To keep you safe from the government officials as well as ‘Internet Service Provider’ commonly known as ISP
Also, you need safe and appropriate tools.

Tools For Dark Web

To access fully encrypted websites on Dark Web, one must need a special browser. It can’t be accessed using a simple browser, for example, Google Chrome. Tor Browser can help you access these dark websites. It is available for a free download on Internet. But it is advisable to download the browser from Tor’s official website, for safety reasons. On the website, you can also find Tor’s Bundle Browser which works for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android

Secured VPN

A secured VPN is also a must along with Tor browser. The VPN will keep your personal identity hidden. A good VPN which must be a paid service is very much important. A few VPN services offers a free round which you can disable after a month. Just don’t forget, otherwise, you might have to purchase it. VPN services recommended by me are CyberGhost, Express VPN, HideMyIP, Nord VPN or Private VPN.

Before Enter in Dark Web

You are good to go if you have taken a good VPN service and downloaded the Tor Browser. But you should consider the below important things before making an entrance into Dark Net. These are proven to be very useful.

Don’t forget to activate your VPN before entering into Dark Net. It is the most essential work to do. It is a big ‘No’ to enter into Dark Web with your VPN not turned on. There is 100% chance of getting caught within a second.

Since this hidden part of Internet is very dangerous. You have to stay alert every time you use. Do not ever mention the personal details of yours or anyone on whatsoever website you use. Keep your identity hidden.

The URLs used for the Dark Net websites are not usual and easy to access. The domain name is also different from dark web websites. .onion is the domain name not .com. The addresses of websites are like below:- 4ga6r8tnsi7399tbe8q8xhhr9o.onion

You will find thousands of hackers present on these websites. Just be careful, they will not even take a second to gulp the complete data present on your computer. Hackers are always active here. No shortage at all!

Just don’t try to laugh! You will be receiving many links which are intentional to you. These links will encourage you to click them. Do not ever click on these links or download any file. This is a basic step through which your computer will get hacked.

‘Grams Search Engine’ which is called ‘Google’ of Dark Net will help you to do research on the Dark Web. Grams’ location in Dark Web is similar to Google’s location in the Surface Web.

Dark Web Links provide a good experience for those who use it for personal experience or just General Knowledge. However, it may get wild & can turn out to be awful if you thought of using it for criminal & illegal activities. You can get caught anytime. Be aware of these things and you must use Dark Web for only legal activities.

If you are aware of the above-mentioned things every time, there is no chance you will have no problems in entering Dark Net or Dark Web. The above seven things are your ‘Bible’ for using Dark Web.

How To Enter The Dark Web

Is your VPN active? If yes, let’s proceed and enter into this hidden mysterious world. If not, please do it. We are not entering into Dark Web without turning on the VPN. Also, after turning on VPN all the other programs which are running in the laptop or computer or phone. You must stop every program. Also, cover your Camera & Microphone of the device which will keep you safe.

Start Tor Browser

First Step: Start the ‘Tor Browser’.
Steps of Entering:
Open the downloaded Tor Browser; Click Connect; after clicking you will get connected to the server of Tor. There will be a change in the IP address; you are at the opening page in the Tor browser. Congratulations! Welcome to the hidden world of Internet. Type ‘Grams Search Engine’ to find the required information.

Caution: Virus Attack and Hacking are very common here. Stay alert every time.

Deep Web vs Dark Web

Dark Web is a tiny part of Deep Web which people use for illegal acts, a crime for say. If you are using this hidden Web with right objective, you will be in the protected cocoon of Deep Web. But if you indulge yourself in any wrongdoings or illegal work, then you have crossed paths and reached Dark Web. I hope you understand? In short, there are no boundaries between Dark Web and Deep Web, the only limit is your discretion. You must act wisely.

Why Use Deep Web?

Why is the need to use Dark or Deep Web? Well, of course, there are thousands of reason. Privacy is the foremost and the most important reason.

1. Privacy
The Web visible to everyone is Surface Web. Whatever we do online is recorded. Surprisingly, Internet knows what we are doing, except us. However, the case with Deep Web is completely opposite. The Users’ activity is not tracked here which is why people are using Deep Web because it provides privacy.

2. Censorship
Surface Web provides freedom of speaking whatever you want to know but you can’t speak whatsoever comes in your mind. It is restricted. Despite there is Censorship which conceals your voice. The government has the right to impose censorship if they didn’t like what you have typed. Such type of situation creates curiosity in people and they tend move towards Deep Web. At Deep Web, they commit their point. There are no restrictions there.

3. Anonymity
Your identity is well exposed on Surface Web meaning each website you enter knows a little about you. Your name or location. But in Deep Web, the user is completely anonymous. And hence anyone can search or say whatever they want to convey, without having any fear or pressure or greed.

4. Security
Institutions, official agencies & big companies are always worried about their private data being stolen. Hence they keep their data protected in Deep Web. Since Deep Web provides full encryption; so no tracking of User identity or the online activities. Deep Web is also known as safe web to search for some private information. You can also use secured dark web sites for safe browsing.

So, the above reasons are the self-sufficient to know why people resort to Deep Web. We hope that this article helped you to understand about Dark Web, you have also learned about its working. Please share and like the article. We hope you loved reading it. Thank you so much for staying till the end.

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