Best VPN for Darknet and Dark Web Sites

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Why the best VPN is necessary to access the Dark Net or Dark Websites? Of course, the access to Dark Web through a standard manner is denied considering the risks it involves. An anonymous browser for example Tor Browser is a must. In order to have secure usage of the Dark Net, a well-secured special VPN is needed. Let’s have a look on the list of best VPN required to use the Dark Web or Dark Net.


Using a VPN is necessary every time you enter in the kingdom of Dark Web, the addiction is uncontrollable. It is your duty to protect yourself and your privacy, hence it is the foremost reason to use a VPN. By adding another encryption layer to make the use of Dark Web safe is not a bad idea. Think like this – you are saving yourself from being exposed or attacked. It can also be accessed by phone which we are going to learn. You can also learn how to access deep web from phone.

best vpn for darknet

                                                                 Best VPN for Darknet and Dark Web

What is the best VPN?

We can tell about the finest VPN but before that we have to discuss the criteria and the major factors that deals with the security of your identity while using Deep Web or Dark Web.

While surfing the Dark Web, how strong your encryption is what helps to protect your anonymity. It includes the following points.

Firstly users are under the strict policy of no-log keeping.

Secondly, it provides a large & stable networks which effectively avoid connections dropping.

Thirdly, while surfing Dark Net or Dark Web, the expectation is to have a high-speed server that works well.

Let us introduce you to the best VPN services to use while browsing the Dark Web or Dark Net.

1. Best VPN for Darknet and Dark Web: Try ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an exclusive DNS service which brings you access with Media Streamer which is a fast service. One can easily access Geo-restricted site information which is actually unblocked by VPN. This protected service of VPN will securely encrypt the connection you have. It also unblocks live sports tournament which is always a plus point. The best quality of ExpressVPN is that they always maintain a no-log system. Many of the newest sports events & live entertainment are also available on the website. The usage of ExpressVPN is restricted in many countries having 14 and 5 eyes. The reason it being located in the British Virgin Islands.

The VPN network of ExpressVPN is huge and enormously spread. Its network owns about a thousand servers protecting the user privacy. It has many servers in important locations of cities beyond the USA. You can access your preferred streaming services from anywhere safely. All you need is to connect your available VPN network which is provided by ExpressVPN. The censored content gets unblocked easily.

There are many advantages of ExpressVPN access:
The first biggest advantage is their fast support around the world which they provide for variety of devices.

They provide consumer-friendly custom software for IOS, Mac, Android and Windows.

Your desktop & your mobile can be connected with three connections simultaneously.

It also provides a secured & safe ExpressVPN browser extension for Chrome & Firefox.

You can secure the entire house network with this best quality VPN, ExpressVPN router is highly recommended for homes.

There is also a feature called MediaStreamer feature that adds smart DNA support to Game consoles like Xbox One, Switch, PS4 etc, Smart TVs and Media Boxes such as Apple TV, Shield TV, Roku etc.

ExpressVPN has various methods for privacy which also unblocks geo-restrictions. They also offer 30-day money-back guarantee, hence you can enjoy the ExpressVPN with confidence as it is hassle-free. ExpressVPN has aced our speed tests. Even 24×7 Customer service is also available to provide its client support and to answer any question.

2. Best VPN for Darknet and Dark Web: NordVPN

The strongest presence of NordVPN is in and across the countries of the United States. They have multiple serves in the country as it is situated in Panama. The main headquarter is in the USA as some users intentionally wish to prefer a company located in the US. The users have complete access to their network at a very affordable price.

You can subscribe to NordVPN for a longer duration. It has the following best services for the value:

NordVPN provides complete access to its custom software as well as the network.

For Windows and Mac, a ‘VPN client’ is used to connect.

They also have a user-friendly app for Android and IOS devices.

They also offer Advanced Privacy Protection (APP) features. The service stands out due to APP features like double VPN, P2P server and dedicated IP.

It is highly recommended to use its browser extension for Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

3. Best VPN for Darknet and Dark Web: CyberGest

The largest VPN services in the world founded by seven enthusiastic youth is known as CyberGhost. The company was founded in 2001 in Bucharest, Romania. The company of 50+ dedicated team members who aim to protect users’ privacy. Since the time CEO and co-founder, Robert Kannan joined the Crossrider team in 2017, CyberGhost network has significantly expanded. It is due to his hard work and his tendency to lead the CyberGhost team after joining Crossriders.

CyberGhost offers many advantages to its users. It has mixed server locations. The popular streaming services like Amazon Prime, YouTube and Netflix can be unblocked using CyberGhost strong encryption. Geo-restrictions are also unblocked for some channels. To give an example, if you are sitting in Germany, UK or US and wish to have an access to Amazon Prime content. Voila, you have it with CyberGhost.

This VPN can be operated easily and hence its VPN clients is in our list of favorites. It also has a distinct advanced feature to protect the privacy of your connection. The features for clients and mobile apps are continuously being added by the development team located in Germany. The price per month of accessing CyberGhost is $2.75. You can get full access by signing up the network of CyberGhost during the current promotion.

4. Best VPN for Darknet and Dark Web: IPVanish

A very well-known service having numerous servers around the world is IPVanish. It doesn’t matter where you are, the servers present everywhere will help you perform exclusively. That means any continent except Antarctica. They are having the biggest network worldwide and provide fast Internet speed.

Although IPVanish provides excellent protection to your privacy they sometimes are unable to unblock popular streaming services. IPVanish do the hosting of servers in the six continents and is the quickest source in the VPN market place. It also has an option to choose your location and hence is known by many server locations worldwide. You have to just choose your individual server and become more specific. Nothing to worry about as it provides high protection.

The monthly price is $ 7.50 of IPVanish which is incomparable. If you take the annual plan, the monthly price becomes $ 4.87. Very cool prices. Moreover, they also have the money-back guarantee of seven days for the new members. They provide unlimited usage of VPN network, as well as the custom software for Windows, Mac or IOS and Android.

5. Best VPN for Darknet and Dark Web: PIA

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the best VPN for browsing the dark web links. It provides different options to its users. There is no need to create a new profile for each VPN server which was done in the past. Now, you can easily connect with any of the secured server worldwide. Apart from that it has connectivity in 33 different countries while Pakistan has their own service. The services are organized by country, city or religion by the PIA team of Pakistan. The VPN generally provides high speed.

The PIA service has an embedded feature that prevents the system from communication failures. If the connection to their server falls or there is a drop in the access of the encrypted VPN, it holds an account to protect your identity. This is usually helpful for a lot of torrent users who do a lot of personal Internet access.

There are many other features that PIA provides. It takes care of your needs and has extreme levels of protection. It has a controller through which the encryption level can be controlled which helps you find the appropriate balance between the speed & privacy. It also has a Windows client as well as various apps which can be easily accessible. You always need secured dark web sites for safe browsing.

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Since you must have a secured & safe browsing while using Dark Web sites, the team of PIA has smartly included the Kill Switch for Windows Client. The important usage of kill switch that if somehow VPN fails, it will automatically kill the Internet connection. This is for sure handy for people who want to unravel their identity.

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