Dark Web and Deep Web: Know the Difference

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Today, an in-depth examination of the differences between dark web and deep web forms of internetwork shall be performed. Before any further examination, it is imperative to know that the basic facilities that we avail while we surf is termed the WWW or the surface network or surface web. Whatever you surf, bookmark or login like Google, Facebook, Twitter and countless forums that you visit are all part of the entire surface web which is merely 4 % of the total web archived in the digital world. Sounds interesting? Well that is the fact.

While the ancient sayings may not always be exact, they are almost always true in the matter of Dark Web. It is in fact a hard task for even the toughest of the legal provisions to move against Dark Web or to collect any information pertaining to an individual or an organization.

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Dark Web and Deep Web

It is a herculean task to rip apart and examine the dark marketplaces as a whole but we can fish in the shallow waters and understand its functioning. Before we jump into examining the darker shades of internet, it is better to have a brief understanding of how other two layers of the internet that we see and enjoy, perform.

Surface Web:  To be specific, whatever turns up in Google Search or your Yahoo web search includes indexed content which is termed Surface Web.

Deep Web: For accessing Deep Web links, you need to use specific search engines or search for exact terms. Finding non-indexed data is a difficult task for web surfers. The assistance of websites in the illegal web network can also be sought for while searching the underground marketplaces.

Dark Web: Dark web is the market of illegal resources and is often hidden and inaccessible to the outer world. Believe it or not, when it says illegal, it means illegal. The content is non indexed and not approachable for basic web surfers.

Now, an in-depth examination of each layer can be performed. It is time to bid farewell to the Google search engine friendly surface and explore into the underworld of Dark and links from Deep web. You can also learn the Scary Facts about Dark Web and Deep Web.

The generic surface web

As we mentioned earlier, surface web is only a small area of the whole internet and this is where almost all the day to day activities are performed. For better clarity, it is just like the tip of an iceberg. Torrents, streams, chats, games and those image boards are all part of the surface web. Search Engine optimize their code every now and then to find webpages and index them thereby improving content delivering quality. These engines can omit results that contain copyright content or are banned under specific legal laws of the terrain.

In order to navigate through Surface Web or the so commonly called WWW, it is essential to install a compact web browser. Safari, Chrome and Firefox are the industry majors and they are installed in almost all computers irrespective of the Operating System installed. They are free, OS independent and can easily be synchronized with multiple devices.

Requirement of web browser

The main difference is that a web page in the WWW consists of few static pages and are not fully dependent on an external database for delivering results. Dynamic results are outputted with the help of programming languages and server side coding. When a user searches for a specific page or document, the same will be available from one of the servers in to which the pages are uploaded.

Reviewing the differences between Deep and Dark Web:

An understanding of dark web and deep web is essential for safe surfing. While it is a fact that most of the websites out there interchange these words and use them more often, there has to be a clear understanding of how they act like twins but they are indeed two different entities.

Hidden links and Non-indexed links

The use or misuse you may call it, of complex algorithms and sophisticated encryption tools leads to the suppression of data which is better known as dark web. The deep web on the other hand is merely a collection of non-indexed search pages that are roaming freely on the internet.

In essence, the corporate websites that cover their websites from indexing fall under deep web category whereas the infamous drug trafficking sites and websites showcasing gambling, illegal arms trade and child porn are definitely traces of dark web. While deep web links cater to needs of the users by providing hidden services to companies, schools, security organizations and medical institutions, the dark network is a shade over all illegal activities taking place in the internet medium.


Deep web links are accessed through websites like archive.org whereas dark web links surfing requires specifically made utilities like Tor Browser and a separate channel known as Tor Network that includes relays, tunneling and other network hiding methodologies.

Cogency of deep web and dark web mediums:

As you have read in this article so far, the deep web is probably hiding of genuine, legal data, at least most of the times. But on the other hand, dark web is dark as its name says it. However, this is cannot be substantiated by the fact that dark web is a genuine provider of data privacy and non-disclosure of information. Dark web is a place where majority of the web links focuses on intentional suppression of illegal data and flow of this data. This privacy has led to drug marketing and availability of marketplaces for almost all illegal items, you name it dark web has it.

Deep web applications

By now, you have a good idea of what the deep web is. To clear any ambiguity, let’s explore the applications of deep web.

1. Differentiating search engines and web pages

One of the main uses of deploying deep web techniques is that you won’t be able to find those already indexed as deep web in the general surface web indexing engines. This ensures integrity and maintains business standards thereby alluring customers into the normal sales channels. Showcasing premium contents via streaming websites is also another examples.

2. Integrity and maintenance of personal data

Confidentiality is the buzz word in the 21st century. Keeping data secure and free from being tampered is one of the main purposes why deep web exists. Apart from being non-commercial, this is pretty much the same as described above.

3. Academic study

Scholars have access to various resource providers like archive.org and tools like Unpaywall will enable them to analyse and evaluate various subscriptions on topics of interest even though not all of them are accessible for free.

Deep Web and VPN

Whether your requirement is bypassing filters or anonymous surfing, a Virtual Private Network or VPN is an essential requirement. There is a mandatory requirement of keeping yourself safe while accessing the web. Vulnerabilities are on the rise and only a good VPN that services its customers with high end encryption, privacy linked jurisdiction etc. is preferred. Use of advanced procedures such as IKE vs2 and Open VPN ensures reliability and safety. Paying in anonymous mode is also a good option to keep in mind while choosing a VPN for home and business use.

Welcome to the darker majority of internet:

Dark web is a simple marketplace for all those illegal stuff. A brief understanding of dark web is also provided in our article titled “what is the dark web in internet world?” for an in-depth review of dark web services.

Dark net services

The services like Illegal trading and hacking provided by dark net is mainly attributed to the fact that it is highly anonymous. The links expire within no time and all the tor network links are routed through various continents thereby ensuring almost cent percent anonymity. This is relevant in situations where politicians and other important personalities require confidentiality in communicating information. There are entertainment options also in the dark net but the catch is in identifying and staying safe from the terrorist recruiting agencies.

Uses of Tor Networks

If you haven’t installed Tor Browser yet, this is the best time to do so. Tor browser allows users to access hidden links available from dark web which are referred to as Onion links. They end in. onion, just like yours .html or .js file. While Google provides updated content that is relevant and available, Tor requests more often lead to dead links or redirects. You can learn more about Tor email providers.

Crypto currency payment

Dark web and deep web for crypto payments

Hackers are always on the attempt to steal credit and debit card information, bank data and much more from dark nets. It is always a better option to hide your personal information from anonymous traders. If you are trading or buying anything from the marketplaces in Tor, be sure to use crypto currency payment since it is safe and secure.

Fool proof security with VPN

VPN usage in deep web and dark web networks

A stable and suitable VPN is almost always the right choice for web surfing in the dark net. Routing is enabled by default in Tor networks but there were instances earlier where the networks were compromised and law enforcement agencies have taken down dark web markets. It is an optimal choice to stay safe by deploying a safe VPN that has robust standards.

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