Scary Facts about Dark Web and Deep Web

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In this post, I will discuss about the scary facts about Dark Web. After 30 days of my research, I am giving you all kinds of information about Deep Web.  Here, I have explained everything in depth or strategically about Deep Web so that you don’t have any confusion about this topic.

Complete information about Deep Web is hard to write as there are some incidents on this platform that is unknown yet and this information is scary and interesting facts of Deep Web. Be sure to read the disclaimer below this post.

A few days ago I was reading a blog about technology and some of my friends were asking various questions about Deep Web, their questions were like Deep Web Details; What is Deep Web; a reader on Facebook was asking me to give full details of what is Dark Web. After that I researched and collected all the information about Deep Web and created answer sheets for those who asked me questions about this topic.

Scary Facts about Dark Web

Scary Facts about Dark Web and Deep Web

Scary Facts about Dark Web and Deep Web

What is Deep Web?

There are some people who think that the Dark Web is ridiculous, but the truth is that it is not funny at all, there are real things you do not know or have no idea about it. The Deep Web is the world’s largest segment of the Internet today with a percentage of 95% to 99%. If internet is 100% in the world, then 99% is deep web, no one can do Search Engine Index there. Contents of deep web are invisible. A username and password are necessary to access deep web content. Now you might be wondering what is the dark web?

Deep Web is a part of the Internet that can only be accessed and modified by site administrators and site owners. You need password to enter into the content of it which does not allow search engines to index. Do you own Deep Web? No, you are not the owner. I can now say that you can access the Deep Web multiple times throughout the day.

The Structure of Deep Web:

I have created a structure to fully understand the subject of Deep Web. With the help of this graph, you will be able to understand the topic of Deep Web very well. In this structure, the Internet is of three kinds. You have to read the entire post to check it otherwise your confusion will not go away.

Do you know about Facebook account settings, Google account settings, Hotmail, Twitter, Instagram etc? So, know about account details and deep web. Now your question may be why personal account settings are in deep web?

Surface Web Data:

Before answering this, I am asking you a simple question. Have you ever noticed that when you search your Facebook account data on Google, you see your data? Facebook or any other personal details such as email address, phone number, etc. Google cannot index all of these things, and no one can check your email ID. It is invisible and  using a strict privacy setting. Can you modify the Google server? Absolutely not because it is not accessible which requires a username and password to access.

Can you check someone’s e-banking login details on Google? Absolutely not because this password and privacy is also protected. Deep Web is protected because it is the legal property of the owner which is made publicly invisible, non-index-able and inaccessible for security reasons.

Deep Web Example: Google server, Facebook server, website admin panel, accounts login credentials, banking login details, database, corporate networks etc.

The Internet, which we access on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., is 1 – 4 percent of the Internet world and the remaining 95% – 98% is the Internet Deep Web.

Is Deep Web Access illegal?

I will not say! It is not illegal if you want to use your account or admin panel. You have full right to modify and manage your account. If you try to access someone else’s account without permission, it will be 100% illegal and you may end up in jail.

What is Dark Web?

This is where crime stories begin. Do not enter. Before proceeding, let me give you an example; for example, there is a city where criminal activities are taking place and those activities are conducted from different parts of the city. Similarly, there is a branch of Dark Web and Deep Web from where these illegal businesses are accessed with special software, special network configuration and Tor browser. Traditional search engines: such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. cannot search and index these contents. For these reasons, the Dark Web content is behind the member wall.

OLD Garden Internet is an environment that controls access to site content, site navigation and website sections. A member wall is a type of wall created by someone that prevents search engines and visitors from accessing and indexing the site’s content. The Dark Web uses other technologies to keep the Dark Web Contents hidden and non-index-able. You  may learn Dark Web and Deep Web: know the difference, and get some extra knowledge on these.

The Dark Web is hidden for this because it is an illegal property of Anonymous where different types of people are doing different types of black markets. Everything here is on the Dark Web is illegal, criminal and disgusting. Dark Web is incomplete without relying on Dark Net.

What is Dark Net?

What is Dark Net in: In general, Dark Net is a network and backbone of the Dark Web. Dark net network uses special software, authorization and permissions. You can’t enter into Dark Net using Conventional Web Browser, but it will require your Onion router, Freight, or I2P. In the 1960s, people used dark net for legitimate communication. But, being anonymous and non-tracked, the network is a safe place for hackers and black marketers of the Dark Web.

Who Actually Created Dark Net?

Who created the Dark Net: Three great scientists Paul Severson, Mike Reid and David Goldslag created The Dark Net. The US government later created Darknet Military Communications for secure transmission. The US State Department provides the original money for the Dark Net, and the Dark Net has gradually become a black market.

How to Access Dark Web

How to use the dark web: Dark web is the scent of deep web. Criminals use special software, special network configurations, special authorizations and unknown software (Tor Browser, IP2, bots, etc.) to access it. To access the Dark Web, the software creates a private and encrypted network connection between the client and the Deep Web that is non-tracked and anonymous. You may like to learn Tor email providers for better Tor email experience.

I have never had access to the Dark Web and I urge you not to. Taking any action on the dark web can be illegal and dangerous where downloading and mouse clicking can destroy personal data. I have written this post only for educational purpose or self-defense education.

What Can Be Found in the Dark Web?

What to do on the dark web: Illegal and restricted content is the product of black market on the dark web.

Illegal Drugs, Weapons, Sex Scandals, Credit Card Credentials, Secret Government Documents, Computer Viruses and Malware, Child Abuse, Human Body Experience, Fake International Passports, Herring Hackers etc. are readily available for trade illegally.

How Criminals Pay on Dark Web?
Bitcoin – Bitcoin is an anonymous digital currency that has become world famous for being a non-identifiable currency. Dark web uses bitcoin for trading and transactions.

Who can catch criminals using the police dark web? I would say yes! The United Kingdom government has created a special cyber-crime unit whose job is to completely stop child abuse on the dark web. Surprisingly, the police have arrested drug dealers, women dealers, child dealers, dark web etc.

Who uses the dark web?

Who Uses the Dark Web: People use the Dark Web for various purposes. For example, cyber criminals (hackers), drug dealers, journalists, terrorists and mafia uses DW. Additionally, the government uses the dark web to curb child abuse and criminal activities of drug dealers.

It is surprising that journalists use the dark web against the government and journalists share secret government documents so that the general public can know the wrongdoings of the government. Nowadays, a URL from the New York Times is available on the dark web, where journalists anonymously leak government’s misdeeds to the public.

Scary Facts About Dark Web:

There are things on the dark web that you have no idea about, I think you might not have even thought in the dream. Below are some horror and horror incidents on the Dark Web that occurs illegally on the Dark Web.

Flash Products:

Dark Web: Products made with human skin and human internal organs are traded on the Dark Web. Criminals trade in these products for money only. Do you now think that there should be a definite limit to crime?

Cryptic Message:

Dark Web: Hackers receiving and sending coding messages to the Dark Web and used for medical purposes, terrorism purposes, and military purposes. Secret messages contain IP addresses and a matrix of coding, collisions, and clutter that only sender and receiver can understand.

Dark Web Size:

Dark Web is 500 times larger than surface web. For example, if the surface web is 1 megabyte in size, the dark web is 1x 500 times larger than our regular web. Currently, the net Internet is 1.2 million terabytes and the Dark Web is 1.2 million terabytes of X500.

Cooking Woman’s Guide:

There is also a site on the Dark Web that contains information about cooking and cutting a woman’s body. Apart from this, the Onion site also contains information about how much flavor is in any part of woman. Most disgusting!!!

Top Secret Government Docs:

Journalists left top secret government docs on the dark web, leaking a confidential case of the government. A few years ago, top government officials leaked the government’s secret documents to the Dark Web. But now the government is spying on the dark web links and is revealing criminals.

Human Experimentation:

Since human body experiments are also done on the dark web and these experiments are done officially. Understand how terrible this time is. Although the use of human body is valid in this world, only professionals like medical scientists, doctors etc. can do experiments. But anyone on the dark web can use body with money.

What is Surface Web?

Surface Web is the Internet that is publicly available to everyone such as Google, A & L, Yahoo, Facebook, Bing etc. Surface Web also contains illegal and fake content that Google and other search engines search for and block. After being blacklisted, this type of content does not appear in search results, thus trying to protect Surface Internet. The government and surface web prevent illegal content, but it is not possible to completely ban the Dark Web because it is ignored, inaccessible and anonymous.

Role of Government in Dark Web

The Role of the Government in the Dark Web: The governments of many countries raided this dark marketing of the Dark Web and arrested all the criminals. Unfortunately, only the governments of some countries are trying to stop this dark web. If all countries try to block the Mile Dark Web, perhaps the name of the Dark Web can be removed.

Originally, the government uses the Dark Web for military purposes. We can’t stop it as the government is involved in a lawsuit? Now I can only say that all countries need to build their own secret networks. This will make it possible to close the dark web.

Why largest Percentage of the Internet is on the Deep Web?

The Dark Web has the highest percentage of internet: basically, the Dark Web that you are very interested in is not the Dark Web; it is the Dark Net where all kinds of illegal activities take place. Deep web is a part of the worldwide Internet that search engines cannot search and index. Special programs, robots.txt files, and other technologies prevent Deep Web content from being indexed by search engine bots.

I have already discussed that this part of the Internet is not indexed, and people call it Deep Web. And it is common knowledge that when we create another account on social media or the Internet, sensitive account data such as email address, privacy settings, etc. are invisible and non-index-able.

I am also closing today’s post. I will discuss more information about Deep Web and its usable content in my next post. In this post I have clear about Deep Web, Dark Web, Dark Net, Surface Web and many more important and relevant words, I think it is very important to know this information. Until you know all the details about a subject, you will not be able to protect yourself from it. If you know the whole information then you can only do self-defense. And if you have any kind of feedback, suggestions, questions, questions or objections about the information in your post, please contact me on my Facebook page by writing in the comments for the best and quick response. If you enjoyed reading this post, please share this article with your friends.

Disclaimer / Warning:

Information on this article are from various sources on the internet which may be invalid, inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate. This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you find any part of this article objectionable, you can let me know and I will strictly follow your removal request along with legal and safety regulations.

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